41st Piyawara Preschool Opened in Muduruketiya, Monaragala

15 Dec, 2015

The children of Maduruketiya in rural Monaragla District are now equipped with a community preschool with all facilities. Due to the non-availability of a proper facility, these children did not go to a preschool or had to trek miles to the nearest village.

The opening ceremony of the school was an emotional one for the donors who flew all the way from Germany. The school was donated by Derpart Germany in partnership with Fly & Help, an NGO based in Germany. The 18 member delegation was headed by Mr. Rainer Meutsch, the founder of Fly & Help along with the Senior Management from Der Touristik and Derpart Germany.

The project was completed on schedule in partnership with the Children’s Secretariat, Ministry of Child Affairs and the Divisional Secretariat of Monaragala.